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This web game titled The Ice Temple is truly worthy game which is available now absolutely for free. The Ice Temple has a vast list of categories, for example puzzle and arcade and many more such as adventure, escape, one-player, maze, skill, kids, 2-player, racing games as well. This is a Flash game and Flash games use a Flash Player installed on your device. This game works on PCs only. In order to play games on your mobile phone or a tablet, please choose any of thousands exciting HTML5 games on this site. To controll use your mouse and keyboard in this game. Have a good time playing The Ice Temple online game for free on

Game Categories

Puzzle   Arcade   Adventure   Escape     Maze   Skill   Kids   2-player   Racing  

Game Rating

(70%)   of players liked this game

Language: English

Times Played: 368296

Votes: 20252

The Ice Temple

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